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Years of hard work but getting nowhere? Tired of working like a cow but being paid peanuts? Sick of your boss treating you like a Nobody?

Everyone dreams of a career that has everything he wants, high salary, fun environment, spending more quality time with family, having holidays annually and a generous pension plan. But reality and expectations rarely come close to each other. Don't you agree?

Well, if you have wished for these things then becoming a property agent may be the right career for you. Manage your own work schedule, be your own boss, be in control!

Being a property consultant has its own pros and cons. There's no ceiling to your income. You can earn as much as you want to, as long as you're willing to put in the hard work!

With the new regulations coming in place by the authorities, professional agents are more in demand. Long were the days when almost anyone can be qualified to be a real estate professional.

There will always be people looking to buy a house, selling their home, migrating, renting out an investment property. You just need to be there, serving the interests for these people. The more commited you are, the higher the rewards you shall receive!

Join our team at Preeminent Group, ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd to kick start your career in real estate. Preeminent Group, headed by Kevin Lim, teaches you the know-how and at the same time have the flexibility of working according to your own leisure. Email or Call us at 96338431 for a tour in and around our office and a description on a detailed structured path towards attaining your dreams!!!



Anyway how much do you think a Property Agent makes?

Well, the picture below speaks for itself. But in this industry, it's an open secret that every 10 brand new agents who enter the industry, 7 will give up at the end of the first year. The remaining 3, maybe 1 will proceed to become a top earner on his 3rd year onwards.

However, we must always aim to be the best in our field. The average income of the Top 300 Producers in ERA, earns averagely $10-15,000 per month. If that does not excite you, be in the Top 50, you will be surprised!

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